Contenders Handicapping Philosophy

In order to successfully select a winner in any race you first need to find the Contenders. You can then analyze
the likely running of the race to see who it will favor.

In a typical thoroughbred horse race one or more horses attempt to run wire to wire, others are content to sit
just off the pace while some sit back conserving energy for a late stretch run and still others needing a perfect
trip to win, usually run mid-pack along or close to the rail.

Based on a typical race we suggest evaluating each race in four parts.
Assume the RACE HAS ALREADY BEEN RUN and you were told the winner....
   1. went wire to wire ( Key to the race )
or 2. came from just off the pace
or 3. came from the back with a late run
or 4. was a longshot who got a good trip

Which horse would you say won the race for each of these four senarios?

Those horses are your Contenders.

You can use the information contained in any or all of our reports to determine the four contenders.
If you can't narrow the field to only four contenders without a degree of confidence then it's probably a
race that needs to be skipped.

Here is a link to a worksheet that may help you with this process.


Here is a link to one of our favorite methods that uses the Quick Start Plus Report sorted on Power.

How to use Quick Start Plus Report sorted on Power