Below is what some of our customers have to say about Contenders. .
Congratulations to 10+ year customer Greg Tucker of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. on his top 10 finish out of 768 entries in the
Coast Casinos Horseplayers World Series held January 27th - 29th, 2005.
Contenders reports are ALL I use in my handicapping.... NOTHING ELSE REQUIRED! With just a glance at the reports I get a good feel for how the race will go. Terry, the owner and developer of the Contenders reports has added factors and features over the years that just makes it better and better. Some of the new factors and features I've even personally requested. Sometimes when I've asked if something could be added he has said, "I'm already working on it". Greg Tucker
Below is an e-mail from the last person to be sold the software that creates our reports. ( The software CTV10 is no longer for sale.... only the reports from the software via subscription. )
Hello Terry! I just wanted to write you a note and say hello. I hope that you and your family are doing very well?! :>)) Terry, what can I say? I can never say enough about CTV10. On March 10th, I went to the Raynham OTB to play a few races at Gulfstream Park. I hit an early PIC 3 for $151.10 before I went to pick up my children from school. As it went, if I had played the rolling pic 3's, I would have had a real day hitting virtually every race in my TOP 2 selections for the day. I could have left there that day with nearly 1k in my pocket just playing 2x2x2 type PIC 3's using the programs pics. UNBELIEVABLE!! I don't know how you created and implemented those "handicapping robots" into your software, but, when you use them in conjunction with one another and learn what is working CTV10 can be flat out devastating.. Man oh Man does it ever find some very nicely priced horses. A couple of months back at AQU, the PIC 6 was way up there at around 800k, and believe it or not, with the exception being that the first race of the PIC 6 was the third rated horse, all of the others were either the first or 2nd choice. Of course, I didn't have the ticket. But honestly, had I had a ticket, I would have been the one that took home the 800k on that day. Your phenomenal program often puts me onto horses that I would never otherwise have. "You are one "INCREDIBLE" programmer Mr. Sarnoskie"!!! :>))) Have a Wonderful Day and week. I just get so excited over and about CTV10, I just had to give you a shout. All the BEST Always; Michael Vincent
I just wanted to tell you "THANK YOU" for your product. I have been playing the races for 29 years. I am a retired police detective. I have tried about everything. I could not be more satisfied with your reports and customer support. A thank you in business goes a long ways these days. So again, Thank you! Jeff Gunn
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