NEW K for Key Flag on the Quick Start PLUS Report ( sorted on Power Rating ):
    Located as the last or 5th column of the Handi-Flags column. 

    NEW on the Quick Start PLUS Report ( sorted on Power Rating ):
    On the race description line for each race $HOT$ followed by the factor or factors doing the best for that type of race. 

    NEW X FACTOR on the Quick Start PLUS Report ( sorted on Power Rating ):
    The Number immediately in front of the Power rating ( 0 to 9 ). The Higher the better. 

    Glossary for the Selection Ranking Reports (OUR NEWEST REPORT!):
    Program number, Horse Name and Ranking for each 1 to 9 
    If all 9's then doesn't like the race. 
    Power Ranking  Power rating factor Rankings   
    Xfactor Ranking  Xfactor rating factor Rankings  
    Joe P. Recent Class  Joe P. picks - favors recent class factors  
    Sam A. Form  Sam A. picks - favors form factors  
    Phil J. Flags  Phil J. picks - likes the Handi Flags  
    Dave M. Hot/Spot  Dave M. picks - favors Hot factors or spots  
    Tony J. Spot/Speed  Tony J. picks - favors Spot or Speed factors  

    Glossary for the Quick Start Reports (OUR MOST POPULAR REPORT!):
    Sloppy  Sloppy Track rating
    Pace Class 2 (late speed/class)
    w Won last race
    c claimed last race
    t Turf Spot Play
    u Moving Up In Class 1=10%, 2=20%, 3=30%
    d Moving Down In Class 1=10%, 2=20%, 3=30%
    @ Possible Wire to Wire Threat
    p Best Pro Rated Horse ( runs at or near front )
    F Best First Time Starter
    f Good First Time Starter
    - Good Closer
    # Good Class/Speed
    $ and ^ Both Good Flags In Race With Purse under $10,000
    ^ Also A Good Flag Good In Stakes races
    ~ Lone Shipper and/or First Time Todays Distance
    % Big Longshot Possibility
    * Strong Potential Spot Play
    >> Blinkers On
    <<  Blinkers Off
    ) First Time Lasix
    V Value Play - Good value at ML odds HOT
    K Key Horse Play - If NO scratches this horse is the Key to this race. HOT
    : Consider using in Exotics
    (+,-) After Power Rating +front runner -closer
    DSLR is Days Since Last Race
    Trip Rating = Best time at today's distance,
    best 4f-5f workout and post position.
    Power Rating = Best Overall Rating   Top 2 are strong win contenders
    Pro  = Average Pro Rating from Pro Rating Report.
    Mud  = Mud Rating.
    Trf  = Turf Rating.

    Glossary for the Text & RTF Reports:
    WinForm = for fast (dry) tracks
    WetTrak = for off tracks (wet, sloppy, muddy, etc)
    Horse /  - Post position and abbreviated name of Horse
               First Character Code  @,*,-,?,A-Z_
               @ - highest probability WIRE TO WIRE spot play
               * - high probability spot play
               - - high probability best closer
               ? - potential maiden 1st or 2nd time starter winner
               A thru Z - high probability this horse WILL NOT Win
    DSLR     - number of days since last race
    CXP  =  POWER RATING - Highest Number is Top Win Selection
    SP       - 3 character field, shape flag ( S means this horse is probably in shape )
               0-9 number of horses capable of passing from 1/2 to finish
               P - Probably peaked     p - Possibly peaked
    LC#      - leaver/closer ( + early speed, - closer, = both, X neither)
               Spot Play / Total Point Method Rating - Total Point Number
    PR       - numerical rating showing tendency to run near the front
     S       - Spot Play / Total Point Method Rating - Spot Play split number
    4fTT     - best time for 4 furlongs at this track ( last 10 races )
    4fTK     - best time for 4 furlongs at any track ( last 10 races )
    L*R      - a front runner rating ( the higher the number the better the chance
               of being on the lead )
    !ER!     - Exception Rating - does not use speed or class - works well for races
               with a purse < $10,000
    Class    - a Class Rating
    AEPS     - the average earnings per start for the last 2 yrs
    Purse    - the highest purse this horse ran for and was within 5 lengths at the
               finish ( in the last year )
    C*R      - a late runner rating ( the higher the number the better the chance of
               closing at the finish )
    Lpts     - longshot points ( based on factors that have produced longshots in the
    Sp1      - final time speed last race
    Sp2      - final time speed prev race
    ABC      - a late runner rating ( absolute best closer )
    TdistTrk - best time this distance at any track ( within last year )
    4fW      - best 4 furlong workout at any track - ( adjusted times )
    5fW      - best 5 furlong workout at any track - ( adjusted times )
    Overw    - best overall workout at any track - (adjusted times )
    Late     - a late runner rating ( the higher the number the better the chance of
               closing at the finish )

     The following symbols are picks by what we call Handi-Bots.
    Little robotic handicappers that uses a different method each.

       the $ to the right of the S field is a variation of the LC# with
       additional points for combinations of factors (picks a lot of Longshots)

       the # to the right of the LC# field is the top points horse
       this handi-bot gives 1 or 2 points for being the best 1 or 2 at each
       factor on the report and more for some maiden criteria. (this does well
       with Maidens )

       the ~ to the left of the !ER! field, this picks horses that are
       the ONLY horse in the field to have a given factor and meets another
       qualifing factor. Example: only shipper in the race

       the ! to the right of the !ER! field is the best !ER! horse
       (this handi-bot ignores BOTH speed AND class, does best with cheap
       claiming races and, on the opposite spectrum, STAKES races )

       the % to the right of the 4FTT field, ONLY picks longshots that
       are also picked by one of the other handi-bots. (few picks but great

    To PRINT THE TEXT FORMAT REPORTS  follow these easy instructions:
    1. Reduce the font/text size on your browser to small.
    2. Click on the link to a report you want to print.
    3. Click on "File" at the top of your browser.
    4. Click on "print" from the drop down menu.
    5. When the Printing box pops up click on "properties".
    6. Click on the option for "landscape". Then click "apply", ok and ok.