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Contenders Paid Reports for SUNDAY June 17, 2018


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            PRO RATING! Quick Start WinForm  WetTrak   WinForm  WetTrak    No Split  Angles
 Arapahoe       arpPROR   arpSHTM    arpRWIN  arpROFF   arpTWIN  arpTOFF   arpGWIN   arpaWIN
 Arlington      apxPROR   apxSHTM    apxRWIN  apxROFF   apxTWIN  apxTOFF   apxGWIN   apxaWIN
 Assiniboia     asdPROR   asdSHTM    asdRWIN  asdROFF   asdTWIN  asdTOFF   asdGWIN   asdaWIN
 Belmont        belPROR   belSHTM    belRWIN  belROFF   belTWIN  belTOFF   belGWIN   belaWIN
 Belterra       btpPROR   btpSHTM    btpRWIN  btpROFF   btpTWIN  btpTOFF   btpGWIN   btpaWIN
 Canterbury     cbyPROR   cbySHTM    cbyRWIN  cbyROFF   cbyTWIN  cbyTOFF   cbyGWIN   cbyaWIN
 Churchill      cdxPROR   cdxSHTM    cdxRWIN  cdxROFF   cdxTWIN  cdxTOFF   cdxGWIN   cdxaWIN
 Emerald Downs  emdPROR   emdSHTM    emdRWIN  emdROFF   emdTWIN  emdTOFF   emdGWIN   emdaWIN
 Fair Meadows   fmtPROR   fmtSHTM    fmtRWIN  fmtROFF   fmtTWIN  fmtTOFF   fmtGWIN   fmtaWIN
 Fort Erie      fexPROR   fexSHTM    fexRWIN  fexROFF   fexTWIN  fexTOFF   fexGWIN   fexaWIN
 Gulfstream     gpxPROR   gpxSHTM    gpxRWIN  gpxROFF   gpxTWIN  gpxTOFF   gpxGWIN   gpxaWIN
 Hastings       hstPROR   hstSHTM    hstRWIN  hstROFF   hstTWIN  hstTOFF   hstGWIN   hstaWIN
 Laurel         lrlPROR   lrlSHTM    lrlRWIN  lrlROFF   lrlTWIN  lrlTOFF   lrlGWIN   lrlaWIN
 Lone Star      lsxPROR   lsxSHTM    lsxRWIN  lsxROFF   lsxTWIN  lsxTOFF   lsxGWIN   lsxaWIN
 Monmouth       mthPROR   mthSHTM    mthRWIN  mthROFF   mthTWIN  mthTOFF   mthGWIN   mthaWIN
 Mountaineer    mnrPROR   mnrSHTM    mnrRWIN  mnrROFF   mnrTWIN  mnrTOFF   mnrGWIN   mnraWIN
 NorthLands     npxPROR   npxSHTM    npxRWIN  npxROFF   npxTWIN  npxTOFF   npxGWIN   npxaWIN
 Philadelphia   prxPROR   prxSHTM    prxRWIN  prxROFF   prxTWIN  prxTOFF   prxGWIN   prxaWIN
 Pleasanton     plnPROR   plnSHTM    plnRWIN  plnROFF   plnTWIN  plnTOFF   plnGWIN   plnaWIN
 Prairie Meadow prmPROR   prmSHTM    prmRWIN  prmROFF   prmTWIN  prmTOFF   prmGWIN   prmaWIN
 Presque Isle   pidPROR   pidSHTM    pidRWIN  pidROFF   pidTWIN  pidTOFF   pidGWIN   pidaWIN
 Ruidoso        ruiPROR   ruiSHTM    ruiRWIN  ruiROFF   ruiTWIN  ruiTOFF   ruiGWIN   ruiaWIN
 Santa Anita    saxPROR   saxSHTM    saxRWIN  saxROFF   saxTWIN  saxTOFF   saxGWIN   saxaWIN
 Woodbine       woxPROR   woxSHTM    woxRWIN  woxROFF   woxTWIN  woxTOFF   woxGWIN   woxaWIN