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Contenders Paid Reports for FRIDAY August 16, 2019


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            PRO RATING! Quick Start WinForm  WetTrak   WinForm  WetTrak    No Split  Angles
 Albuquerque    albPROR   albSHTM    albRWIN  albROFF   albTWIN  albTOFF   albGWIN   albaWIN
 Arlington      apxPROR   apxSHTM    apxRWIN  apxROFF   apxTWIN  apxTOFF   apxGWIN   apxaWIN
 Assiniboia     asdPROR   asdSHTM    asdRWIN  asdROFF   asdTWIN  asdTOFF   asdGWIN   asdaWIN
 Belterra       btpPROR   btpSHTM    btpRWIN  btpROFF   btpTWIN  btpTOFF   btpGWIN   btpaWIN
 Canterbury     cbyPROR   cbySHTM    cbyRWIN  cbyROFF   cbyTWIN  cbyTOFF   cbyGWIN   cbyaWIN
 Charles Town   ctxPROR   ctxSHTM    ctxRWIN  ctxROFF   ctxTWIN  ctxTOFF   ctxGWIN   ctxaWIN
 Colonial Downs cnlPROR   cnlSHTM    cnlRWIN  cnlROFF   cnlTWIN  cnlTOFF   cnlGWIN   cnlaWIN
 Del Mar        dmrPROR   dmrSHTM    dmrRWIN  dmrROFF   dmrTWIN  dmrTOFF   dmrGWIN   dmraWIN
 Ellis Park     elpPROR   elpSHTM    elpRWIN  elpROFF   elpTWIN  elpTOFF   elpGWIN   elpaWIN
 Emerald        emdPROR   emdSHTM    emdRWIN  emdROFF   emdTWIN  emdTOFF   emdGWIN   emdaWIN
 Evangeline     evdPROR   evdSHTM    evdRWIN  evdROFF   evdTWIN  evdTOFF   evdGWIN   evdaWIN
 Fair Grounds   fgxPROR   fgxSHTM    fgxRWIN  fgxROFF   fgxTWIN  fgxTOFF   fgxGWIN   fgxaWIN
 Ferndale       ferPROR   ferSHTM    ferRWIN  ferROFF   ferTWIN  ferTOFF   ferGWIN   feraWIN
 Golden Gate    ggxPROR   ggxSHTM    ggxRWIN  ggxROFF   ggxTWIN  ggxTOFF   ggxGWIN   ggxaWIN
 Gulfstream     gpxPROR   gpxSHTM    gpxRWIN  gpxROFF   gpxTWIN  gpxTOFF   gpxGWIN   gpxaWIN
 Hastings       hstPROR   hstSHTM    hstRWIN  hstROFF   hstTWIN  hstTOFF   hstGWIN   hstaWIN
 Indiana        indPROR   indSHTM    indRWIN  indROFF   indTWIN  indTOFF   indGWIN   indaWIN
 Laurel         lrlPROR   lrlSHTM    lrlRWIN  lrlROFF   lrlTWIN  lrlTOFF   lrlGWIN   lrlaWIN
 Monmouth       mthPROR   mthSHTM    mthRWIN  mthROFF   mthTWIN  mthTOFF   mthGWIN   mthaWIN
 Penn National  penPROR   penSHTM    penRWIN  penROFF   penTWIN  penTOFF   penGWIN   penaWIN
 Retama         retPROR   retSHTM    retRWIN  retROFF   retTWIN  retTOFF   retGWIN   retaWIN
 Ruidoso        ruiPROR   ruiSHTM    ruiRWIN  ruiROFF   ruiTWIN  ruiTOFF   ruiGWIN   ruiaWIN
 Saratoga       sarPROR   sarSHTM    sarRWIN  sarROFF   sarTWIN  sarTOFF   sarGWIN   saraWIN
 Woodbine       woxPROR   woxSHTM    woxRWIN  woxROFF   woxTWIN  woxTOFF   woxGWIN   woxaWIN