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Contenders Paid Reports for SATURDAY May  1, 2021


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            PRO RATING! Quick Start WinForm  WetTrak   WinForm  WetTrak    No Split  Angles
 Arlington      apxPROR   apxSHTM    apxRWIN  apxROFF   apxTWIN  apxTOFF   apxGWIN   apxaWIN
 Belmont        belPROR   belSHTM    belRWIN  belROFF   belTWIN  belTOFF   belGWIN   belaWIN
 Charles Town   ctxPROR   ctxSHTM    ctxRWIN  ctxROFF   ctxTWIN  ctxTOFF   ctxGWIN   ctxaWIN
 Churchill      cdxPROR   cdxSHTM    cdxRWIN  cdxROFF   cdxTWIN  cdxTOFF   cdxGWIN   cdxaWIN
 Evangeline     evdPROR   evdSHTM    evdRWIN  evdROFF   evdTWIN  evdTOFF   evdGWIN   evdaWIN
 Fairmount      fpkPROR   fpkSHTM    fpkRWIN  fpkROFF   fpkTWIN  fpkTOFF   fpkGWIN   fpkaWIN
 Fonner         fonPROR   fonSHTM    fonRWIN  fonROFF   fonTWIN  fonTOFF   fonGWIN   fonaWIN
 Golden Gate    ggxPROR   ggxSHTM    ggxRWIN  ggxROFF   ggxTWIN  ggxTOFF   ggxGWIN   ggxaWIN
 Gulfstream     gpxPROR   gpxSHTM    gpxRWIN  gpxROFF   gpxTWIN  gpxTOFF   gpxGWIN   gpxaWIN
 Lone Star      lsxPROR   lsxSHTM    lsxRWIN  lsxROFF   lsxTWIN  lsxTOFF   lsxGWIN   lsxaWIN
 Louisiana      lsxPROR   lsxSHTM    lsxRWIN  lsxROFF   lsxTWIN  lsxTOFF   lsxGWIN   lsxaWIN
 Mountaineer    mnrPROR   mnrSHTM    mnrRWIN  mnrROFF   mnrTWIN  mnrTOFF   mnrGWIN   mnraWIN
 Oaklawn        opxPROR   opxSHTM    opxRWIN  opxROFF   opxTWIN  opxTOFF   opxGWIN   opxaWIN
 Pimlico        pimPROR   pimSHTM    pimRWIN  pimROFF   pimTWIN  pimTOFF   pimGWIN   pimaWIN
 Prairie Meadow prmPROR   prmSHTM    prmRWIN  prmROFF   prmTWIN  prmTOFF   prmGWIN   prmaWIN
 Houston        houPROR   houSHTM    houRWIN  houROFF   houTWIN  houTOFF   houGWIN   houaWIN
 Santa Anita    saxPROR   saxSHTM    saxRWIN  saxROFF   saxTWIN  saxTOFF   saxGWIN   saxaWIN
 Tampa Bay      tamPROR   tamSHTM    tamRWIN  tamROFF   tamTWIN  tamTOFF   tamGWIN   tamaWIN
 Thistledown    tdnPROR   tdnSHTM    tdnRWIN  tdnROFF   tdnTWIN  tdnTOFF   tdnGWIN   tdnaWIN
 Turf Paradise  tupPROR   tupSHTM    tupRWIN  tupROFF   tupTWIN  tupTOFF   tupGWIN   tupaWIN