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Contenders Paid Reports for TUESDAY December 12, 2017


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          Best Bets                       Best Bets
          All  * (Spot Plays)  (Turf)     All Asterisk
          All  * (Spot Plays)  (Dirt)     All Asterisk
          All  V (Value Plays)            All V
          Best V (Value Plays)            Best V

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            PRO RATING! Quick Start WinForm  WetTrak   WinForm  WetTrak    No Split  Angles
 Mahoning       mvrPROR   mvrSHTM    mvrRWIN  mvrROFF   mvrTWIN  mvrTOFF   mvrGWIN   mvraWIN
 Philadelphia   prxPROR   prxSHTM    prxRWIN  prxROFF   prxTWIN  prxTOFF   prxGWIN   prxaWIN
 Portland       pmxPROR   pmxSHTM    pmxRWIN  pmxROFF   pmxTWIN  pmxTOFF   pmxGWIN   pmxaWIN
 Remington      rpxPROR   rpxSHTM    rpxRWIN  rpxROFF   rpxTWIN  rpxTOFF   rpxGWIN   rpxaWIN
 Turf Paradise  tupPROR   tupSHTM    tupRWIN  tupROFF   tupTWIN  tupTOFF   tupGWIN   tupaWIN
 Zia Park       ziaPROR   ziaSHTM    ziaRWIN  ziaROFF   ziaTWIN  ziaTOFF   ziaGWIN   ziaaWIN