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Contenders Paid Reports for SUNDAY January 16, 2022


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          All  * (Spot Plays)  (Turf)     All Asterisk
          All  * (Spot Plays)  (Dirt)     All Asterisk
          All  V (Value Plays)            All V
          Best V (Value Plays)            Best V

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            PRO RATING! Quick Start WinForm  WetTrak   WinForm  WetTrak    No Split  Angles
 Aqueduct       aquPROR   aquSHTM    aquRWIN  aquROFF   aquTWIN  aquTOFF   aquGWIN   aquaWIN
 Fair Grounds   fgxPROR   fgxSHTM    fgxRWIN  fgxROFF   fgxTWIN  fgxTOFF   fgxGWIN   fgxaWIN
 Golden Gate    ggxPROR   ggxSHTM    ggxRWIN  ggxROFF   ggxTWIN  ggxTOFF   ggxGWIN   ggxaWIN
 Gulfstream     gpxPROR   gpxSHTM    gpxRWIN  gpxROFF   gpxTWIN  gpxTOFF   gpxGWIN   gpxaWIN
 Laurel         lrlPROR   lrlSHTM    lrlRWIN  lrlROFF   lrlTWIN  lrlTOFF   lrlGWIN   lrlaWIN
 Oaklawn        opxPROR   opxSHTM    opxRWIN  opxROFF   opxTWIN  opxTOFF   opxGWIN   opxaWIN
 Santa Anita    saxPROR   saxSHTM    saxRWIN  saxROFF   saxTWIN  saxTOFF   saxGWIN   saxaWIN
 Sunland        sunPROR   sunSHTM    sunRWIN  sunROFF   sunTWIN  sunTOFF   sunGWIN   sunaWIN
 Tampa Bay      tamPROR   tamSHTM    tamRWIN  tamROFF   tamTWIN  tamTOFF   tamGWIN   tamaWIN
 Turfway        tpxPROR   tpxSHTM    tpxRWIN  tpxROFF   tpxTWIN  tpxTOFF   tpxGWIN   tpxaWIN